Treadmills – Your Road To A Slimmer You!

Running is an age old exercise. People have been running ever since man learned how to walk. Sure, back then, they weren’t running to loose weight or to stay in shape, but most likely running away or after someone 🙂

Enjoying the fresh air outdoors is lovely. Going for a run in the park or in a forest is an amazing way to spend some time working out whilst taking in nature.

The only problem with running outside is the fact that, unless you’re wearing appropriate footwear, the impact of every step can be damaging.

Treadmills, on the other hand, do not pose the same problem. Treadmills are build to take this into consideration. When running using one of these machines, they actually take the impact away from your joints. They actually have a bit of “bounce” to it.

While working out indoors may not be ideal for the nature lovers, if you suffer from weak joints, this may be your only option.


Of course, there are then those of us who do not like going to the gym. We also have good news for them too! Treadmills are now affordable! Sure, they used to cost an arm and a leg way back when, but now you can pick one up for a few hundred!

When shopping for one, please be sure and read the treadmill reviews – as some are known to be more problematic than others. Which pretty much goes for anything in life.

Reading reviews gives you an insight into what the product is actually like once the customer has bought it and has used it. This actually takes the risk of buying away from you, so you can reap the benefits!

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Why Cross Trainers Are The Best Form Of Cardio

Cross trainers – The King Of Cardio!

Cross trainers are certainly getting the attention they deserve! Especially in today’s modern fitness world!

While running is always going to be the go-to workouts for cardio, purely for the reason that anyone can do it without purchasing any equipment; you just go out and run! Well, yes, you need a good pair of running shoes but besides that and a bottle of water; you’re set!

Running is great, it can be high intensity, or a low intensity workout.  You choose your pace. I used to do some HIIT workout when running and it was a great workout! .. that was until I damaged my knee!

The trouble with running is the fact that it is a high impact workout. You are causing impact to your joints with every stride! Its not a fluid motion.

This is where the benefits of a cross trainer comes into play. The cross trainer is great and now my go-to cardio workout, I got mine for a very good price, you can see reviews of the best cross trainers for home use here

The reason I love the cross trainer now is that it is low impact. It allows you to have smooth strides while giving you the option to have the workout high intensity. It doesn’t need to be high impact!

The word elliptical means a circular motion and the Xtrainer gives you exactly that!

The other reason I love this magnificent piece of equipment is that you get a full body workout. Your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs – all get hit. You can go slow and do some LISS (low intensity steady state) or HIIT (high intensity interval training).

With the low end cross trainers, you are bound to the resistance produced by your own body. The higher end cross trainers offer a lot more functionality. They come with a fly wheel, this offers a good amount of resistance when working out. Resistance that you, as the user can control.

It is features like this that make cross trainers a great investment



Static Site Vs CMS – Which Is The Best In 2016?

Here is the age old question. Static or CMS.

In this guide, I will give you the pros and cons of both frameworks so you can identify which is the best for you.


Static HTML Site

A Static HTML site is nothing more than a collection of files which make up the website. It consists of HTML file pages, a CSS file, images and JS where applicable.

Once these sites have been uploaded to the server where they lie, that is where they stay.

These files should not be edited by anyone who doesnt have coding as a simple deletion or edit could break the whole site or at least a page. So the user cannot make changes, add posts etc.

As technology moves on these sites still stay “static” and will age over time but will not keep up with the times in terms of technology advancements.

The static sites are relatively cheap to customise.



So why is a CMS a better option?

The first and most important reason it is better is because it is Dynamic. Which means it will keep changing and will keep up with technology. These, plugins and the frameworks of the CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc.) also update. Which means better security and an optimised site.

The other major reason it is better is because it allows the user to make (restricted) amendments to the site without the fear of breaking it. For example, a user can add and delete blog posts, pages (to an extent), a gallery and can also explore plugins.

A custom design on a CMS can be quite expensive. However, the pro to that is the fact that there are a tonne of good themes out there which you can customise to your liking (without coding knowledge).


So there you have it, a good comparison covering the basics.

Please let me know how I did here.


WordPress – Why It Is The Best CMS Around!

WordPress is a blessing. It really is THAT amazing!

Why is it so damn cool?

WordPress was originally meant to be a blogging platform. It was originally ONLY a platform for blogging. It was accepted with open arms by internet users and bloggers.

The reason it was accepted so well is because it really is a very easy CMS to use. You literally install it, and its self explanatory.

Of course there are many, many tutorials out there which show you how to use the platform.

The WordPress is very safe. Of course, as with anything, the strength of security lies in the passwords etc. used.

With WordPress, you can get many different types of plugins to add to your website. These give you various added features which does not come with WordPress natively.

WordPress is liked by search engines because the information their robots are looking for on the web, is easily accessible. Not only that, it is light and aesthetically pleasing.

Find more information on WordPress here.