Static Site Vs CMS – Which Is The Best In 2016?

Here is the age old question. Static or CMS.

In this guide, I will give you the pros and cons of both frameworks so you can identify which is the best for you.


Static HTML Site

A Static HTML site is nothing more than a collection of files which make up the website. It consists of HTML file pages, a CSS file, images and JS where applicable.

Once these sites have been uploaded to the server where they lie, that is where they stay.

These files should not be edited by anyone who doesnt have coding as a simple deletion or edit could break the whole site or at least a page. So the user cannot make changes, add posts etc.

As technology moves on these sites still stay “static” and will age over time but will not keep up with the times in terms of technology advancements.

The static sites are relatively cheap to customise.



So why is a CMS a better option?

The first and most important reason it is better is because it is Dynamic. Which means it will keep changing and will keep up with technology. These, plugins and the frameworks of the CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc.) also update. Which means better security and an optimised site.

The other major reason it is better is because it allows the user to make (restricted) amendments to the site without the fear of breaking it. For example, a user can add and delete blog posts, pages (to an extent), a gallery and can also explore plugins.

A custom design on a CMS can be quite expensive. However, the pro to that is the fact that there are a tonne of good themes out there which you can customise to your liking (without coding knowledge).


So there you have it, a good comparison covering the basics.

Please let me know how I did here.


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